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When our founders started LBMC in 1984, they had a simple mission – to find a great group of clients, provide them top-quality service, and enjoy doing it. Our founders knew that happy employees make happy clients.

Since then, LBMC has maintained our commitment to attracting and retaining the nation’s best talent – so we can serve our clients with the industry’s brightest minds. We recruit top talent who want to do meaningful work with a purpose – employees who help clients problem solve and grow.

LBMC is more than accountants and technology consultants. We also offer career opportunities in Human Resources, Healthcare and Financial Consulting, Marketing, Business Development and Administration. Our team is comprised of a wide range of backgrounds and skillsets which when combined allows us to offer a variety of opportunities.

It is our team members who provide the foundation needed for LBMC to be successful. Our goal is to attract and retain top talent in each of our specialty services areas. How do we do this? Our people, culture, benefit options, and growth opportunities – not to mention we are in some pretty amazing cities – all come together to make us a TOP Work Place!

Beyond our jobs available within LBMC, we also have a recruiting team who works with direct-hire, contract and contract-to-hire placements for our LBMC clients.


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Why do I love LBMC? The people.

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Testimonials from Our Team Members

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LBMC has been a great career move for me coming from a national firm. Having an opportunity to work in another area of practice other than tax or audit has presented a challenging yet exciting opportunity for my future.
Josh Brummett, CPA, Business Valuation and Litigation Support
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LBMC Technology Solutions has provided me with extensive exposure to numerous businesses and their varying technical needs. My experience at LBMC has been challenging and rewarding while allowing me the opportunity to broaden my skill set.
Andrew Hayes, LBMC Technology Solutions, LLC
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LBMC is a great company that provides many opportunities and career paths. I have had the opportunity to specialize in an area that is generally not considered a traditional career path for accountants. The ability to provide coordinated tax and investment advice is what led me to LBMC.
Derek Bland, CPA/PFS, CFP, LBMC Investment Advisors, LLC

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At LBMC we realize that people are most effective and generally happier overall when they can nurture a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives. We strive for continuous improvement in this area of our practice, which in turn provides continuity of our engagement teams and a higher level of staff and client satisfaction.


Striking a balance between working hard and playing hard is important to us at LBMC, and providing exceptional client services is our #1 priority. To help our team members achieve ‘exceptional,’ we have a continuous learning platform that provides our employees the tools they need to continue to grow their careers, sharpen their minds and excel.

Don’t take our word for it. Spend some time on our site. Read some of the testimonials and get to know us. Then, let us get to know you by submitting a resume, or applying for one of our open positions.

LBMC has a spirit that is uniquely LBMC! Be careful – you just might catch the LBMC spirit too.